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prometal hvp3 01 Blockmaking machine HVP-2 is the mobile blockmaking machine for production of concrete elements (chimney flues, blocks of all sizes included customized ones).

This semi-automatic machine operates on a concrete floor slab inside or outside of building.

Concrete blocks are demoulded directly onto the concrete floor slab. Feeding off concrete to the machine is accomplished by wheelbarrows.

Tehnički podaci

Automation semiautomatic Minimum machine height 1450 mm
Maximum block height 330 mm Total machine lenght 1200 mm
Minimum block height 175 mm Total machine width 1500 mm
Maximum production area 1000 x 400 mm Total installed electric power 6 kW
Concrete hopper volume / Vibration system total power 15 kW
Operation cycle 90 - 120 sec
Machine weight with mould 750 kg Production
Concrete demand 2.2 m3 For blocks 400 x 200 x 200 mm 2400 blocks/h

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