Handling equipment


Elements packing

Devices for cubing products, transporting and packing. Fully automatic lines for packing products from concrete. Possible upgrades on other production line types, integration with existing systems and more.
We present you solutions for cubing, packing and transporting:

Automatic cubing

Full automatic cubing devices for packing of paving stones, blocks, curbstones and other concrete products.

Conveyors for transport

Transporting conveyors for products on euro pallet. Prometal offers to its clients several options such as roller conveyors, slat conveyors or chain conveyors.

Wrapping machines

Machines for wrapping of the finished products with stretch foil or PET strips. Wrapping is possible to be done horizontally, vertically or both.


Finger car

Designed for simultaneous acceptance of all the pallets with concrete products from the full elevator and transport to the chamber for drying and back to packing. Robust construction, customizable number of level and level distance.
Full automatic finger car device for transport of fresh products to the curing chamber and pack to the packing line:

Automatic transport

Transportation of fresh products to the curing chamber and back to packing with monitoring of product curing.

Curing chamber

Curing chamber for concrete products, with an option of closing curing chamber for special processes such as vapor curing or air circulation.

Rotation platform

With rotation platform for finger car our clients can place the curing chamber at the back of the line. Platform is rotating for 180 degrees.


Lifting, lowering and transport

Different types of elevator, lowerator devices used for lifting and stacking the pallets with fresh products and lowering pallets with dry products. Pallet and product transport, turning, conveyors at the wet side of the line and dry side.
Different solutions of pallet transport, product stacking, lifting and lowering:

Elevator and lowerator

Pallet lifting and lowering from and to the conveyors on wet and dry side of the line. We provide clients with different solutions with standard chain, belt or RS type of elevator and lowerator.

Product transport

Transportation of the products on wet side and dry side of the production line as a complete automatic solution.

Pallet turning device

Device for pallet turning to be used on the both sides equally. This solution presents longer life for a working pallets.


Pallet handling

Handling of working pallets can be expensive, we are here to make those costs on low level. Euro pallet handling, working pallet buffer, pallet brushes and storage.
Handle your pallets like a professional:

Pallet buffer

Pallet buffer for working pallets, provides a special solution for inserting pallets in a system or out in a fully automatic operation.

Euro pallet magazine

Magazine for a euro pallets as a standard solution of transport pallets, integrated into the system of packing.

Pallet spraying device

Device for pallet spraying as a standard kit for good maintenance of the working pallets. Spraying nozzles with a reservoir and a high pressure pump.

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