EB 12 Transformer


EB 12 Transformer

Euroblock 12 movable block machine offer very wide production range of concrete products. It can be used as universal machine as well as special product making machine.
With its standard safety devices, rigid frame construction that allow heavy duty use, and simplicity of design that reduce maintenance to minimum, this machine is the most economical choice for very wide range of concrete products manufacturers.

Main features

Machine EB 12 Transformer, movable block machine for production of hollow blocks, solid blocks, paving stones, curbstones, chimney blocks, bricks and more:

One and only

EB 12 Transformer is the movable block machine making production on the runway, but with the upgrade of the multi layer equipment in just a moments it can become a stationary multi-layer supreme block machine for production of paving stones of the highest quality.

Why not both?

New system of 5th wheel or better to say 6th wheel, assures moving of the machine left and right without problems of the weight overload at the back of the machine. Once lifted 5th and 6th wheel provide a secure and powerful way of machine turning.

Filling precision

Movement of the filling box by hydro-motors from both sides, provide fast, clean and precise dosing of the concrete inside of the mould.


Technical specifications EB 12
Production pallet size 1240×850 mm
Production area with vibration table 1100×500 mm
Minimal product height 25 mm
Maximum product height 300 (500) mm
Weight of machine 11300 kg
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (without face mix) (8h shift) 670 m2
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (with face mix) (8h shift) 500 m2
Production of hollow block 200x200x400 mm (8h shift) 13.600 pcs.
Vibration power 90 kN
Automation control system Siemens S7-1200

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