PRO 400


PRO 400

Design of PRO 400 concrete block making machine put this machines beside most flexible in the world.
These machines combine durable, heavy duty construction with possibility for assembly various concrete product lines – from simple to fully automatized.

Main features

This machine can be considered as an ultimate solution for the production of concrete elements providing the one to choose numerous options as an additional upgrade to the machine that can make production even more efficient:

Simple yet sophisticated

This machine presents perfect entry solution for anyone interested in production of the high quality paving stones, curbstones and blocks.

SYNCHROTRONIC vibration system

SYNCHROTRONIC vibro-compaction design with 2 vibrators, provides uniform wave amplitude from the front to the rear of the mold. This creates a high density and homogeneous products and thus requires less cement. Easy for maintenance and adjustment SYNCHROTRONIC vibration system is one of the most innovative vibration systems on block machines today.

Basic setup

Start up solution of the plant for the machine PRO 400, easily upgrade-able after on to more automatic production line. With the stacking unit at the end of the conveyor for the fresh products simple production process with low production costs.


Technical specifications PRO 400
Production pallet size 1200×550 mm
Production area 1200×550 mm
Minimal product height 40 (25) mm
Maximum product height 350 (500) mm
Weight of machine 9700 kg
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (without face mix) (8h shift) 760 m2
Production of paving stone 100x200x60 mm (with face mix) (8h shift) 570 m2
Production of hollow block 200x200x400 mm (8h shift) 8.000 pcs.
Vibration power 70 kN
Automation control system Siemens S7-1200

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